Eugene Palermo

Sales Representative


April 2023 Toronto Real Estate Report

As forecast in March’s Market Report, April’s residential resale market continued its upward trajectory for the third month in a row. Sales volumes increased by more than 9 percent compared to March and the average sale price, which also bounced for the third month in a row since January, increased by more than 3 percent compared to March.

This trajectory is unlikely to change in May. It would have been even steeper if not constrained by affordability and the alarming decline in supply....


February 2023 Toronto Real Estate Report

There is no point in comparing February 2023 with February 2022. February 2022 was the apogee of the pandemic residential real estate market. The average sale price achieved last February, $1,334,544, remains, and will for some time, the all time monthly average sale price record. Interest rates were at an all time low, the Bank of Canada benchmark rate was a mere 0.25 percent and is now 4.50 percent. The pandemic had created a buying hysteria, which in conjunction with low mortgage interest rates,...


January 2023 - Toronto Real Estate Market Report

As forecast in December, the slumping resale market of 2022 continued into the first month of 2023. Compared to January 2022, sales of all property types declined by almost 45 percent. Due to the extraordinarily strong pandemic market early last year, on a year-over-year basis sales volumes will post substantial negative variances until at least April. By April 2022, increased borrowing costs had begun to slow the residential resale market with an unprecedented impact. Since March of last year, sales...


December 2022 Toronto Real Estate Market Report

The Toronto and area residential resale market limped to the end of 2022, a continuation of the pattern that became clear and established as interest rates began to rise in March of this year. As the Bank of Canada continued its punishing benchmark rate hikes, both sales and average sale prices have been decimated. Once again, no surprises in December.

Here is what has happened to sales since the Bank of Canada commenced its rate hikes in March.

December’s sales results were more than 48 percent...


November 2022 Toronto Real Estate Market Report

December 12, 2022

In November only 4,544 residential properties were reported sold for the greater Toronto area. This is the lowest number of monthly sales recorded in 2022 and almost 50 percent fewer than the 8,979 sales reported for the same month last year. It has been almost 15 years since the market has seen numbers as low as those produced in November.

Although the average sale price has declined substantially since the spring, in fact it has declined by almost 20 percent, it appears to...


October 2022 Toronto Real Estate Market Report
As forecast in our September Market Report, sales have continued to decline on a year-over-year basis. In October 4,961 properties were reported sold in the greater Toronto area, almost 50 percent fewer than the 9,743 properties that changed hands last October. The decline in sales is a continuation of a pattern that started in March when the Bank of Canada began its fight against inflation by increasing its benchmark rate. The Bank further increased the benchmark rate by 0.5 percent in late October...

July 2022 Toronto Real Estate Market Report

For the fourth consecutive month the Toronto and area resale housing market produced declining sales and lower average sale prices. The housing market peaked in February for average sale prices, in March for monthly reported sales. In February the average sale price for the greater Toronto area came in at an incredible (and unsustainable) $1,334,000. Sales in March hit 10,881, which was not a record. The record for March sales was achieved in 2021 when an unbelievable 15,627 homes of all types were...


June 2022 Toronto Real Estate Market

Not unexpectedly June produced a substantial negative variance when compared to the numbers that the Toronto and Region residential resale market produced in June of 2021. Rising mortgage interest rates have over the last three months caused sales to drop fairly precipitously, and although sales prices are off from their high of February of this year, they remain higher than average sale prices achieved last June. 

In June 6,474 properties were reported sold, a 41 percent decline from the 11,053...


April 2022 Toronto Real Estate Market
As forecast, the rising mortgage interest rates (not to mention other factors at play, like the war in the Ukraine, inflation, and ongoing supply chain problems) had a direct impact on the number of residential properties reported sold in April. At the end of April, the five-year fixed mortgage rate was 4.19 percent. In February the five-year rate was 2.79 percent, an increase of more than 50 percent in a mere two months. Coupled with the mortgage stress test that all borrowers must undergo when ...

March 2022 Toronto Real Estate Market

In the face of daunting obstacles, the Toronto and area residential resale market produced stellar results, albeit not the stratospheric results achieved during the same period last year. In the face of rising interest rates, the war in Ukraine and its global consequences, government legislation primarily directed against foreign buyers and investors, and a desperate lack of inventory, the Toronto and area market produced the third-best March and the second-best first quarter on...


February 2022 Toronto Real Estate Market

It’s now official, the most expensive city in Canada, at least from a housing perspective, is Toronto. February’s resale market performance pushed Toronto prices to new records, breaking records achieved only last month in January.

In February the average sale price for all properties sold, including the sale of 2,772 condominium apartments, came in at an eye-popping $1,334,544, almost 28 percent higher than the $1,044,957 achieved last February, and more than 7 percent higher than the...


January 2022 Toronto Real Estate Market

There were a few surprises and once again a number of new records established by the Toronto and area residential resale market in January.

First, and very noteworthy, was the average sale price for all properties reported sold. It came in at an eye-popping $1,242,793, surpassing the previous record of $1,163,210 achieved in November of last year. By contrast, last January the average sale price came in at only $966,068, a year-over-year increase of almost 30 percent. This is not supposed to happen...


December 2021 Toronto Market Report

In 2021 we experienced an unprecedented residential resale market. More records were shattered in 2021 than in any other year of record keeping – sales prices, properties sold, and, unfortunately, inventory levels all established new records. As we end 2021 and move into 2022, it will be inventory that will have the greatest impact on the resale market.

Let’s begin with December’s data.

Sales declined in December as compared to 2020 only because of a lack of inventory. Demand continues...


November 2021 Toronto Market Report

With one month still remaining in 2021, November’s reported sales brought the total year-to-date sales to 115,716 residential properties sold. We will finish the year with approximately 122,000 sales, eclipsing the previous annual record for properties sold in 2016. In that year 113,040 properties traded hands. As will become evident, given the supply problems the market is experiencing, 2021’s record-breaking accomplishment is not likely to be surpassed for some time, and definitely...


October 2021 Toronto Market Report

In the September Market Report, five themes that were driving the Toronto and area marketplace were identified. These themes have become prominent during the course of 2021 and it is becoming evident that they will be the key features of the residential resale market for the remainder of 2021 and into the early months of 2022. These themes,

with slight variation, were prominent in the October market data.


Prior to October, it appeared that the average sale price for all properties...


September 2021 Toronto Market Report

The residential resale market rebounded in September after five months of declines in sales and the lull of the summer months. There were 9,046 sales reported in September, 18 percent fewer than reported last year, but more than 5 percent higher than the 8,580 reported sales in August, the first month-over-month increase since the early spring of this year.

As indicated in our August Report, there are a number of themes that are driving the market, themes that will continue at play for the remainder...


August 2021 Toronto Real Estate Report

A number of themes became clear in August, themes that will drive and impact the Toronto and area residential resale market for the remainder of this year and no doubt into 2022.

The first and most important is supply. In August only 10,609 new properties came to market. This contrasts sharply with the 18,599 that came to market in 2020. What is even more shocking is that at the end of August there were only 8,201 properties available to buyers, a 51 percent decline from the same period last year...


July 2021 Toronto Real Estate Report

In some ways the July resale market’s performance was anticlimactic. We could see it unfolding in June, and as a result, there were few surprises. Sales continued their decline – in June 11,106 properties were reported sold, dropping to 9,390 in July, but still a strong month by historical standards. The record for reported sales was established last July at 11,081. At the end of the day there are only so many buyers in our given geographical area, and since the beginning of 2021, almost...


June 2021 Toronto Real Estate Report

There were 11,106 resale properties reported sold in June in the greater Toronto area. In the City of Toronto 3,850 properties changed hands. In both areas, these numbers were substantially lower than the astronomical peak achieved in March. Having said that, sales activity in June was only outpaced by June sales achieved in June 2016.


The Toronto and area market remains very strong, even...

May 2021 Toronto Real Estate Report

The Toronto and area residential resale marketplace continued its slide towards a more normal but still very strong market. In May 11,951 properties were reported sold, a decline of more than 12 percent compared to the 13,650 properties reported sold in April, and a decline of more than 23 percent compared to the record breaking, stratospheric 15,646 properties sold in March. March’s numbers were, I believe, the zenith of the pandemic market, just before Ontario’s vaccination program was...