Welcome to StLawrenceMarketCondos.com. My name is Eugene Palermo and I have been a licensed realtor since 1984. Originally from Sudbury, I was immediately attracted to downtown Toronto and the St Lawrence Market neighbourhood where there are an abundance of parks, proximity to great shopping, entertainment, the financial district and easy access to major routes in and around the city. I have been fortunate to have lived and worked in this area for the last 20 years, where I have been actively helping clients buy and sell all types of real estate. This web site was created to help navigate the neighbourhood - illustrating the locations and features of each building as well as show available listings for Toronto condos for sale. I hope that you enjoy using this virtual tool. If you have any questions or would like to touch base on any real estate matter, I am here for you.

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Seller of 158 Fulton Ave & Buyer of 33 Lombard St 1709

Eugene Came across my radar five years ago. He was referred by a contact who rated him A+++ after several family real estate transactions. After completing the profile he asked me to provide regarding what I wanted in a condo, I quickly realized I wasn’t yet ready to give up my home of close to 40 years. But this past July, I decided I was ready. Eugene was nonplussed by the years that had passed....

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Ronan Clohissey - 168 King St East - King Geroge Square

I strongly recommend using Eugene's excellent service. He is professional, responsive, knowledgeable and patient. He helped me navigate the process of buying a condo in St Lawrence Market where he knows the pros and cons of every single building. I never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision. All in all, a great experience.

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Delane Cooper - 168 King St East, King George Square & 33 Mill St - Distillery

The Toronto market can be a challenge to navigate whether one is a first time buyer/seller or an experienced buyer/seller. I've had the pleasure of working with Eugene Palermo to help with the first sale of our condo over a decade ago. Over the years, he's worked with us on the purchase and sale of our primary residences. As one can imagine, the sale of a primary residence can be an emotional one. Eugene...

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Annette Sanger - 33 Lombard St PH - Spire Condo

We just sold our downtown condo with Eugene and can hardly believe how smooth and pleasant the process was - in this case Eugene was representing both us and the purchasers. We feel that the outcome was totally fair to both parties, business was conducted most professionally, and overall it was a win-win situation with everyone ending up happy. Thank you again, Eugene. You have superb intuition, are...

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James Kippen - Fulton Ave - Lidia Court- 33 Lombard Spire Condo - 88 Scott 45th flr

We have known and worked with Eugene for almost 20 years, and he has always maintained the highest professional standards in all his dealings with us. He isn't the kind of person who tells you just what you want to hear, but rather he respectfully offers his expertise, insights, and his uncanny intuitions so that you always know where precisely you stand and what to expect in relation to the market....

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Karim Gawish - 168 King St East, King Geroge Square - Berkely St

I have had Eugene as an agent in the past years for 3 properties both sold and purchased. That experience was flawless and stress-free, to my pleasant surprise. Eugene was able to utilize his experience to close all deals to my satisfaction. He has wealth of experience in this business he has mastered for 33 years.
Fast forward to today, May 2, 2018. I had a condo listing in downtown Toronto that listed...

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Karina Carniero - 168 King St East King George Square

We met Eugene in 2016, when we were moving to Toronto from the US and we were looking for rental units. We had only one morning to look at places while we were in Toronto. Eugene sent us many places to pre-select before we arrived in Toronto and booked all the ones we were interested in. He was organized and attentive to our needs, which enabled us to find a place and sign a lease by the end of the...

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Sellers of 40 Homewood Ave 2214
Hi Eugene,
You know I don't normally throw compliments around, or so it may seem, but when dealing with people these days, in situations such in retail environments, or on phone calls for business, or any other arena where you interact on a business level to accomplish a transaction, big or small, I like to point out when I am actually very impressed with someone who goes the full mile and more...
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Seller at 50 Lombard St., Toronto

Good morning Eugene,

Thanks for last evenings introduction to  interesting Biff’s Bistro and delicious food  where we had a special time and stimulating conversation with laughter !!! It doesn’t get any better. 
I trust you have gotten away with Brady, one of your sweethearts , for a nice summers weekend. It is a special summer  time with lots of sunshine & relaxation....

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Greg & Maryanne Traversey, 168 King St East Suite1604

The closing/move went flawlessly for us - thanks for recommending Larry and You Move Me - both were terrific ! Thanks also for the beautiful champagne ! Most of all thank you for all your superb professional advice and support over the years - you have always been the magician who made our real estate dreams come true with amazing speed and convenience and this deal has been the perfect  example....

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